[ic] RobotUA changes?

Jon Jensen jon at endpoint.com
Thu Oct 21 01:54:49 UTC 2010

On Wed, 20 Oct 2010, Mike Heins wrote:

>>>> Don't some of the lesser-known robots use those strings? Or have they 
>>>> finally stopped doing that?
> I seem to remember some Yahoo thing as well as one or two others. I 
> think there's even one that has "(Not compatible with MSIE)" in it.
> Maybe it isn't a problem any more as these things fade away.

Yeah, that's my take on it. The unwanted side-effect of the change would 
be that a few obscure bots now get sessions, but that's a fair exchange 
for not having legitimate human users have no session and thus not be able 
to complete the checkout process.


Jon Jensen
End Point Corporation

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