[ic] Can IC always look in ~/pages/?

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Wed Sep 29 21:51:51 UTC 2010

On 30/09/10 10:28, Grant wrote:
>> My suggestion is to use either an actionmap (if "folder-name" is always
>> the same) or to use a missing specialsub (if it is not).  In either
>> case, you can strip out the folder name from the beginning of the path,
>> grab the page name portion (and if it is blank make it "index"), and
>> then return the new page name from either the missing specialsub or the
>> actionmap for Interchange to process for you.
> The "folder-name" changes.  I do something like the above in an
> Autoload for GETs, but since all of my POSTs have a path like
> "/folder-name/process.html",

It should (but don't quote me on this) still work to rewrite the page to
/process.html, but you need to do it in an actionmap or missing
specialsub, not from an autoload.  Actionmap and missing specialsub have
the advantage that they fire off before autoload (I think, again don't
quote me on this) and you can modify the passed path and return it for
IC to re-parse as the page name.  If it sees "process" returned from one
of these it should treat it as a process page and continue on as expected.


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