[ic] date_convert zerofix fails unless surrounded by space

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Tue Aug 9 22:16:47 UTC 2011

> I've notice that the zerofix parameter doesn't work if the format specifier is butted up to another specifier. Here is some test code that can be pasted onto any page.
> This will work as expected:<br />
> [convert_date zerofix=1 fmt="%I %P"][/convert_date]
> <br /><br />
> This will not:<br />
> [convert_date zerofix=1 fmt="%I%P"][/convert_date]
 > BTW - that is a captial eye, not lowercase L.
> I think it is a bug, or...?
> Paul Jordan
 > >
 > >
> > It looks like zerofix operates on the formatted value, which in turn is implemented via:
 > >> > $out =~ s/\b0(\d)\b/$1/g if $opt->{zerofix};> >
> > So this will only remove leading zeros if the final output value matches that regex, > > which is dependent on word breaks.  %P I assume in this case is alpha-numeric, not > > digits.  (My system strftime() has %p but not %P).  Definitely unintuitive behavior, but > > not sure what the best fix would be in general; maybe remove the trailing \b from > > the regex?> >> > David
 Hmmm, on the formatted value? That means it could potentially affect the minutes space, which wouldn't be good in most cases. I'm just going to have a new convert_date tag made that would allow one to tell it exactly what to zerofix (if applicable) ala zerofix="%H %I %e". It seems even the specifiers that remove leading zeros like %e tend to add a space - which is presumptuous. Mine would apply the zerofix to any named specifiers individually.  There's some enhancements I need done anyway that probably aren't generally useful. Thank you  Paul   		 	   		  
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