[ic] How would you search, store, and display documents

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Fri Aug 12 07:23:42 UTC 2011

I'm tasked with building a pretty complex training/educational system for 
one of my clients. This would be bring their paper manual and assets, html 
newsletters, FAQ, videos, how-to's, etc, etc all into one intuitive 
"knowledgebase" if you will.

I know how I want it to work and look, but what I don't know ATM is what is 
the best format to use. My main concern is the searchability and storage of 
the main body of each article. This text will arbitrarily contain html for 
formatting, images, div's for quotes, or tables for data, and the like 
(everything will be styled with css of course)

It seems to me there are several paths...

#1 Store the text page with any html needed for the article in table and 
assuming html doesn't play well with fulltext searches, work around that by 
saving text-only into a second field used for searching only.

#2 Delve into xml/xsl.

#3 Create some sort of wiki parser to use in conjunction with IC. I *really* 
would have liked to use Kevins system, and improved upon that, but that 
doesn't seem likely.

#4 Have a parser like Kevin's made, extend it to handle images, and create a 
simple online "editor" for it.

It should be noted that I don't use anything but IC and Mysql, I don't like 
the headaches, worries, or distractions of some other platform. IC can do 
it, so I'd rather just have IC do it.

Thank you for any advice they can lend.

Paul Jordan

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