[ic] Buy Now

Gert van der Spoel gert at 3edge.com
Wed Feb 16 08:41:58 UTC 2011

> Hello,
> Customers complain that nothing happens when they click "Buy Now". 
> I think it may be on MSIE only and I cannot reproduce it. Slow lines are
> suspected.

A couple op pointers/ideas that might help:

- Check your robots configuration, for example your 'NotRobotUA' config
directive to be something like:

NotRobotUA <<EOR

  There have been reports of sessions dropping because of missing MSIE

- Does it have Javascript and need Javascript to use the 'Buy Now' button?

- Does the site make use of layered divs who might be overlapping and hiding
the button to be clicked?

- How much in that 'Buy Now' button is the same as the demo site? So you
could ask the person with the problem to try demo.icdevgroup.org and see if
they have the same problem there. If so then there might be ways for other
people to more easily help in analysing the problem instead of some
configuration of a www.zzz.com domain ... 

- Find out more exact information about which browser it occurs with

- Provide code samples of the 'Buy Now' button

- Try to find a person that can reproduce it to spend a bit of time with you
while you monitor what happens on your end.

In case you have less vague information send an update and perhaps somebody
recognises the issue you have.



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