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> Hello,
> Can anyone tell me if you recognize this error and is there a common
solution.  Please refer to the attached screen shot.  
> -Thank You, Steve R.
> (From one of our CSR's)
> It appears that we cannot enter orders for new customers or receive any
orders online.  The attached image is a screen shot of the error.  It seems
to be working with repeat customers, but only if the order is 

> placed > with customer service reps.  Is there anything you may be able to
do to help us?
> Steve Rullman 
> CSR/Sales Manager
> Air Delights, Inc.
> Email: SteveR at AirDelights.com
> Phone: 1-800-440-5556
> Fax: 1-503-643-8224

Hello Steve,


You are probably getting this error due to a bad sync between your local
files and your database. Did you move your site 

to another server without perfect sync or possibly restore some files from
backups, causing files to be older than the database?


Most likely that your <catalog>/etc/username.counter file has a value that
is less than your current unique username, thus causing 

IC to try to enter a user that would have a name that already exists in the
database when entering an order for a non-existing customer.


When repeat customers place orders under their profiles, or orders are
entered for a customer throught the admin UI,  this doesn't happen, 

which would explain the CSR's problem description.




Martin Houle

President / Senior Systems Administrator

N.E.S.T. Solutions

martin at nest-solutions.com




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