[ic] Hosted Payment Solutions

Angus Rogerson arogerso at uwaterloo.ca
Sat Jan 15 20:46:01 UTC 2011

As part of our PCI compliance we use Beanstream's Hosted Payment solution. At the end of our interchange transaction we bounce our customer to beanstream's website where they enter their credit card information. Beanstream then bounces them back to us for the final receipt screen. We never see, even briefly, the credit card information.

I have written a klunky interface to allow this to happen. I now need to implement Moneris Hosted Paypage and/or Global Payment Hosted payments. It's probably not that awful to rewrite the Beanstream interface to work with Moneris or Global Payments, but before I do, I am wondering whether there are any more elegant solutions out there. Looking at the different hosted payment solutions, it seems that with a bit of mapping of field names and results, it should be fairly easy to make a fairly general solution.

Briefly, the hosted payment solution I wrote works as follows:

At the end of the interchange transaction, I use Before_Beanstream profile which has a next page called "ToBeanstream". The ToBeanstream pages bounces to the appropriate script on Beanstream's website. The customer fills in the credit card information on their site. We pass a return address to beanstream. Beanstream processes the transaction and sends the user to our return address with the authorization information. The return address is a cgi script FromBeanstream.cgi which munges the fields and calls the interchange After_Beanstream profile.

Can anyone out there point me towards a more elegant solution?



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