[ic] late added shipping method not working

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Wed Jan 19 00:02:13 UTC 2011

I am a little unclear if something like this example is supposed to work:

[set us_promo_max]19[/set]

[if !scratch ship_added]
[seti ship_promo]
foo_promo: U.S. Postal Service First Class Air
    crit        [subtotal noformat=1]
    min         0
    max         0
    cost        e No shipping needed!
    p_time      5-10 business days*
    adder      -1

    min         1
    max         [scratch us_promo_max].99
    cost        >>actual_foo

    min         [calc] $Scratch->{us_promo_max} + 1 [/calc]
    max         999999
    cost        1

    min         1000000
    max         9999990
    cost        1
    [shipping add="[scratch ship_promo]" hide=1]
    [set ship_added]1[/set]

I am going off this suggestion 
which I know is a little different.

My goal is to just get dynamic ranges (MIN MAX) working and found this was 
not possible inside shipping.asc. If I place this method inside shipping.asc 
and place numbers for the MIN values, it works (so I know the methods work 

I don't get anything in error.log but when I first visit shipmode.html where 
this code is I get:

   No match found for mode 'default', quantity '', returning 0.

Then if I hit refresh I get:

  No match found for mode 'foo_promo', quantity '', returning 0.

Does adding in shipping methods not work for the "structured format"? Is 
there a built in way to take advantage of variable ranges?

Thank you

Paul Jordan

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