[ic] No default shipmode in session (on purpose)... is error necessary?

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Wed Jan 19 15:51:25 UTC 2011

I've got a site where there is no default selected shipping mode because the 
owner wants the customer to take full responsibility on the shipping they 

This works fine but occasionally, while still working fine, I get the in 
cart error:
  No match found for mode 'default', quantity '', returning 0.

Based on the docs, I believe this is because there is no default shipmode 
set in the session, and something internal is trying to evaluate it, 
defaulting to 'default' and not finding a mode called default (I'm guessing 
on that).

I can suppress this error as it does not seem to be meaningful, but I was 
wondering if maybe it was a bug. If my observations are correct, then I 
don't think it should error, because having no shipping selected by default 
is a valid desire.

Thank you


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