[ic] Updating gdbm files

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Tue Jan 25 23:18:36 UTC 2011

On 26/01/11 08:59, Janine Ohmer wrote:
> 1. Not all of my tables are stored in gdbm files; much of the data is
> in Postgres, but not all. I have the following gdbm files:
> .2ndDayAir.gdbm
> access.gdbm
> component.gdbm
> Ground.gdbm
> ichelp.gdbm
> locale.gdbm
> mv_metadata.gdbm
> NextDayAir.gdbm
> route.gdbm
> survey.gdbm
> variable.gdbm
> I don't remember why I set it up this way.

It is done this way by default in the Foundation demo.

> Would I be better off
trying to move these tables into Postgres, or are they supposed to be
kept separate? And assuming they should stay separate, does this change
your advice at all?

You can move them into your SQL db if you want.  Be aware that if you
try to move the variable table into your SQL db then you create a
chicken and egg problem as you likely have some variables defined which
tell IC how to access the SQL DB.  You will need to move those specific
variables out into Variable directives early in your catalog.cfg file if
you do this.  Note that there is no requirement that you do this.  There
is no security issue with keeping things the way they are and once you
get those tables imported properly odds are you won't have any issues
with them.

> FWIW, I already tried turning on Debug in interchange.cfg and
restarting; It was my understanding that this would flush all databases
to text files, but that doesn't seem to have happened (some of the txt
files are very old).
> 2. Can I paste the code snippet in on the "Test Code" administrators



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