[ic] Authnet charges without orders

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Wed Jun 22 18:05:51 UTC 2011

> There are two changes you need to make, which can be seen in this commit I 
> made back in 2006:
> http://git.icdevgroup.org/?p=interchange.git;a=commitdiff;h=e1c6f77db1974777645d4120924ad01c6279b605
> You must have PERL_SIGNALS=unsafe in the environment, and MaxServers 0. 
> Make sure to change it in the right server stanza for your traffic mode! 
> Or just change it in all of them. (There's little difference between 
> so-called low and high traffic modes, so no need to worry about that in 
> this case.) Then restart Interchange.
> Whenever I've seen this problem, once I make the changes, I cannot make a 
> single email fail to send no matter how many I send, how fast.
> In reality the MaxServers setting does not work very well to stop a 
> runaway server anyway, since both Apache and CGI processes stack up 
> whenever there's serious load. So I don't think you're giving up much 
> and in exchange your email, LWP, and wget problems stop.
I wanted to say thanks Jon, I am still talking with my consultant about how to proceed - but I didn't want you to think I was ignoring your help. I actually think I am running with PERL_SIGNALS=unsafe - I say "think" because I use a special housekeeping system Kevin made to control everything and it appears like that is in there, but I want my consultant to double check for me. I'm also discussing the affects of MaxServers 0 because of an old post from Mike basically saying MaxServers 0 under anything but RPC leaves you open to DDoS... not that that is a huge concern for this site. Incidentally, I am moving slow/cautiously because since my post to the list, there has not been another occurance. However, there has been a few more of those "non descriptive" errors, but either the order eventually went through, or there was no ghost charges in Authnet - so as of right now I am treating that behavior as more clues to what is going on. Best, Paul   		 	   		  
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