[ic] Jobs are slowing IC

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 23:07:08 UTC 2011

>> They're real IC Jobs and they're database-intensive.  I use the default
>> Jobs MaxServers 1 so they don't overlap.
> Ok. Is your database running on the same machine as your app server? If so,
> you may want to consider separating them onto different machines.

Yes, they're on the same server.

> But before doing that, look at whether the database is actually overloaded,
> or whether you have lock contention. If you're using MySQL, are your tables
> MyISAM or InnoDB? MyISAM tables lock completely for any kind of write, so no
> reads can happen till the writing is done. You may need to switch to InnoDB,
> which as other benefits such as transactions as well.

If MyISAM is default then that's what I'm using.  I bet you're right
on with this.  I bet it's lock contention and I'll try switching to


> If you're using another database, you'll still want to look into lock
> contention on both tables and indexes, etc.
> You also may want to consider running more than one of your jobs at a time,
> during off hours, if that makes sense for what they do.
> Jon

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