[ic] UTF-8?

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 19:24:28 UTC 2011

>>>> Is anyone using the UTF-8 support in IC?  I'm realizing that
>>>> non-English letters translated into my characterset can mess up
>>>> certain parts of the system.
>>>> - Grant
>>> Hi Grant,
>>> I am and the World has not come to an end yet (although with all recent
>>> developments, I'm slightly getting worried ;)).
>>> E-mails are not going 100% as they should yet with me, but I think that
>>> misconfiguration (and lack of time) on my part ...
>>> I experienced a drop in performance, working on migrating to more
> powerful
>>> hardware currently.
>>> I started from scratch with UTF8 data, you will have a migration to do
>>> probably on your data that up to now was not UTF8 ...
>>> You'd most definitely first want to set it up in a staging environment
> and
>>> work out your migration steps before you blindly switch the environment
>>> variables to work UTF8.
>>> Good luck!
>>> CU,
>> Gert
>> Thanks Gert.  It sounds like it should work end-to-end in a production
>> environment with a little coaxing?
>> - Grant
> I'm running production so yes, but I strongly suggest you do not try to just
> flip some catalog settings and convert your DB in production just like that.
> I've been running UTF8-ish for the past 5 years, so when putting newer
> versions of IC I already had the 'base' ready on UTF8 ...
> Oh I do suggest you take the latest IC version from git (nightly build), it
> is pretty much about to be released and as stable as the previous versions +
> some bugfixes.

Perfect, I'll just wait for that release and work from there.


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