[ic] Draft for Abstract about "Modern PerlCommerce" presentation

Gert van der Spoel gert at 3edge.com
Sun May 22 11:55:22 UTC 2011

> Hello, Interchange enthusiasts!
> I submitted the following abstract to the YAPC::Europe conference and
> Pittsburgh Perl workshop:
> --snip--
> Interchange is a Open Source eCommerce software written before the advent
> of any modern Perl.
> Thus we implemented a lot of things like running a server, dispatching,
> parameter parsing, session handling and templating.
> We decided to reduce the source code drastically by using modules from
> CPAN like Dancer, PSGI
> and Template::Flute instead of our own custom code. Interchange will
> become a collection of a few base modules
> providing an API for carts, payment, shipping and access control which can
> be extended easily with plugins.
> This provides you with a solid, fast, simple and flexible platform for
> your online business based on modern Perl,
> which is going to be demonstrated during the presentation.

I assume that the people visiting these events are perl programmers in their
core fashion and not e-commerce shop owners. So 'for our online business'
I'd probably have said a bit different, like:

This provides you with a solid, fast, simple and flexible platform for
creating e-commerce sites based on modern Perl, ... 

> --snap--
> I would be glad to receive any feedback about this abstract and also
> suggestions for meetings, hackathons
> and alike when the presentation gets accepted for PPW.

Good luck :)



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