[ic] catalog template issues

Curt Hauge curthauge at mnwebdesign.com
Tue Sep 20 20:47:49 UTC 2011

Thought I would try reword this and see if it helps my request for

When I have these tags in my pages:



my page won't display, "internal server error"

cat error log:
[20/September/2011:15:42:51 -0400] 1982 /cgi-bin/1982/index.html Runtime
error: Can't locate object method "func" via package "DBI::db" at
/usr/local/perl-5.12.4/lib/site_perl/5.12.4/x86_64-linux/DBD/mysql.pm line

When I remove the tags from the page, I can see the page, without
top/bottom, of course.

I have this in catalog.cfg:
DirConfig Variable templates/foundation/regions

My templates are in CATROOT/templates/foundation/regions

Can someone suggest a place to start looking to track this down? This
happens on 2 different 5.6.3 cats since installing Interchange on a new
Centos 5.x server. I don't know why the test cats work but these do not. I
can access the admin with full use of tables, etc.


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