[ic] "Interchange 6"? Really?

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Thu Sep 29 04:20:07 UTC 2011

> Not necessarily, IC5 will be around for ages (I would say a *lot* longer
> than five years). You can leave your existing sites on IC5 and they
> will continue to happily churn away for a long time to come, and it will
> be supported. Also there will eventually be a clear migration path so
> you can move your sites over to IC6. I think that when the
> compatibility plugins are ready it should be a little bit more difficult
> than upgrading from an older version of IC (say IC4.8 or 5.0) to the
> current version. It will mean having to install any base modules for
> IC6 and making a few "compatibility" tweaks in catalogs. While a lot
> can happen between now and then my personal belief is that there will be
> compatibility plugins to support ITL, usertags, catalog and global
> config files, actionmaps, jobs, etc. The base goal will be to take a
> current standard demo shop and get it to run with minimal changes on
> IC6, then to add in any other needed compatibility. At least that's how
> I see things progressing.


I really do hope it works out somewhat like this. Since I'd have to rewrite them for free, some of my large apps could take a year to rewrite - in that time there would still be active development so as I recode to IC-6, I am creating new code in IC-5 that would just need to be recoded to IC-6.


It would be wonderful if it works this way, then we our sites will work, and we can rewrite as we go, and as we get time.



> > Lastly, I think in the begging of 2012, or possibly sooner, I will throw
> > up some redesigns of icdevgroup.com, because it does have an image and
> > marketing problem. The fact that starting to use it today assures a more
> > complex tomorrow makes it even worse, so, we need to spin that in a
> > positive light, and we need to let people know it is a product to take
> > seriously.


> I am all for this.



Just let me know if you guys want a profressional Postgres/Oracle feel, or a youthful Jquery/PerlDancer/Sencha look?





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