[ic] "apply changes" vs. restart

d davenport dances_with_peons at live.com
Sat Jun 9 15:36:41 UTC 2012

I've seen cases where changes weren't applied til a full restart.  It's been 
a while, though, and IC seemed kinda inconsistent about what it wouldn't 
apply changes for.  I always just considered it a bug that wasn't worth 
fixing.  (IC restarts fast enough, the link program/module/whatever doesn't 
mind waiting a few seconds for it to come back up, and I'm one of two people 
that mess with the catalogs, so it isn't restarting all that often anyway.)


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Hi there!

Is there any difference between doing "apply changes" to an individual store
vs. an interchange restart to update just that one store?  We have a
customer who claims that a template change would not take effect until the
restart was done.  error.log shows that he did in fact apply changes.


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