[ic] Applying locale changes without restart or reconfig

Margus Pau margus at kriso.ee
Fri Oct 12 18:31:38 UTC 2012


Is there any possibility to apply globally changes in locale strings 
without restarting Interchange or without [reconfig] tag.  We have 
locale strings in database and we want to let our admins to translate 
these strings using online interface, and let them see the changes right 
after the translation. Firstly we will change the string in the 
database, but how should we import these changes to live page. Can we 
set it with global [perl] tag or maybe with usertag.

setting $Vend::Cfg->{Locale_repository}{eng}->{key}="new value" seems 
not to work.

With Kind Regards,
Margus Pau

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