[ic] Localization of message for free shipping

Gert van der Spoel gert at 3edge.com
Sat Sep 1 09:46:19 UTC 2012

> My shipping.asc starts like that:
> dpd_deutschland: DPD Deutschland
>      crit weight
>      min 0
>      max 5
>      cost 0
>      free Free shipping!
> How can I localize the "Free shipping!" message properly?
> Just adding an entry to the locale database didn't work :-(.
> Maybe someone can give me a clue.

Not sure but maybe you could try the following possibilities:
1) change it to 'FREE'   (in order to at least avoid anything that does not
like spaces and ! and stuff + easier recognizable)
2) see if you can match that with your locale database to have code 'FREE'
3) if that does not work you could see if [L]FREE[/L]  doet the trick?
4) if that does not work you could see if you can do somewhere in your page:
  [if session ship_message eq "FREE"]

Here you might have to see if there are any extra spaces around, I noticed
that in my case there was an extra space somewhere so eq "FREE " .... Or
something weird like this .. And all done before turning 40 so do not
remember all of it.

And last but not least:
5) Follow through the code and see where you end up needing to add a patch,
because chances are nobody has done this before. :)



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