[ic] Simple Option, demo store template

kerry blalock kerry at basicq.com
Mon Apr 8 12:51:50 UTC 2013

In simple options why does this " red=3" show the price in drop down and
this, "red head=3" not show the option price?
Having problem with spaces, - (dash) and . (period) in simple option
name not displaying the option price using dropdown box.

Have a lot of options setup this way in basicq.com before I realized it.
I can add underscore where space is between words and prices show.
However, doing this does not help the appearance.

I am not a perl programer, but I suspect it has something to do with how
it is reading the option name. (guessing on my part :-))

I also tested it in the demo which is newer version than basicq with
same results.

Is there any way to correct this without change individual item options?


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