[ic] undefined carts on upgrade

Gert van der Spoel gert at 3edge.com
Fri Dec 27 18:21:44 UTC 2013

>> When putting back the old files, did you also replace cart.cgi with 
>> the old version? Or are you using the latest compiled version that 
>> came with your new install?
>> Is this a staging/testing environment? If so it might help to comment 
>> out all but 1 catalog and see to get one of them working. There have 
>> been situations where issues sometimes happen in 1 catalog and cascade 
>> to the next, making it harder to debug.
>> CU,
>> Gert
> You may have hit the nail on the head. It does appear that the technician
did copy the old cart.cgi as the files carry a 2007 date.
> I will have to see if I can fine the right version and correct this.
> Any suggestions as to the best way to replace the old files without doing
a complete re-install?

Have a look in your interchange install dir, there should be a src directory
and likely a vlink.something file (I assume you need vlink and not tlink,
but my knowledge in this area is very rusty).
With a bit of luck you can copy that one in place of your cart.cgi (make a
backup ;)).
Keep in mind to do the chmod +s on the cart.cgi if I remember correctly.

Else I think running ./configure in that src directory will create you a new
vlink/tlink file.



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