[ic] Perl CGI module (was: Safe error in payment module)

Josh Lavin josh at perusion.net
Mon Jan 7 00:51:58 UTC 2013

Quoting Grant (emailgrant at gmail.com):
> >> Dan, did you get the Braintree module working with Interchange?  I'd
> >> like to use Braintree with IC too.
> >>
> >
> > I have it working on a very basic level, but then we put that project
> > on hold, and I haven't had a chance to get back to it yet.  Grant,
> > I'll send you what I have and let you have a go at it, and you are
> > welcome to release it if you get it ready for production use.
> >
> > I'll warn you that it is a little rough, and there may be a couple
> > things that might be specific to our setup.
> >
> > I'm going out of the country for a bit, so I'll try to get it pulled
> > together before that, but if I'm not able, then I'll send it out in a
> > couple of weeks.
> >
> > Dan
> Thank you Dan. Anyone interested in pooling resources to get this
> completed?

I haven't used it, but I'm pretty sure that Racke has a module on CPAN
for Braintree already. I think Dan's was supposed to do something more
with their API, though.

Yup, it's Business::OnlinePayment::Braintree.

Josh Lavin
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