[ic] Is the more tag very inefficient?

IC ic at tvcables.co.uk
Wed Jul 31 14:05:02 UTC 2013

> Yes, it would be more efficient. The code was written in 1997, before
> standard, reliable, low-cost SQL was readily available for Linux. Many
> of us have done SQL-based versions of such searches, but no one has
> put in the effort to integrate it into the core.
> It would be pretty easy to produce a Vend::MySQLSearch module that did
> that
> type of thing. The hard part, of course, is making it production quality.

Hi Mike,

It wouldn't be so easy for me to do though :-(

Do you have any on-page or usertag code you could share that would paginate
a query with an sql limit?

I could cobble something together but it will take me ages...


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