[ic] Integrating IC6

Kaare Rasmussen kaare at jasonic.dk
Wed Dec 17 07:30:57 UTC 2014


I'm looking at incorporating IC6 components into my own under 
development CMS (https://github.com/kaare/Djet). Djet is a node based 
CMS based on Plack, PostgreSQL, Moose, Web::Machine and Text::Xslate.

I've got my feet wet by looking at and adapting the Cart section of 
https://metacpan.org/pod/Dancer::Plugin::Nitesi which was a bit 
underwhelming. I only saw very basic session cart handling. No support 
for wholesale prices, "3 for 10", "buy a with b" or whatever. I'm sure 
it's because I miss the big picture.

But where is the big picture? Is it in an implementation of IC6 on 
Dancer? Does the documentation exist somewhere I didn't look?
How much of what IC5 can is available through Nitesi?


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