[ic] help!

JAmes james at netwavedesign.com
Fri Feb 28 21:23:32 UTC 2014

Susanne is not being honest. She did not pay an invoice i sent her for the 
renewal of a secondary domain I purchased without her fore knowledge for 
advertising purposes and therefore it was was owned by my company not her 
(especially since she never paid for it)

Secondly she had another designer come in and change the designer credits, 
copyrights from my company to his own and went as far as saying he designed 
the graphics and logos my company was responsible for

Finally she skipped out on a bill and then slammed me across the net after I 
spent over a week transferring all her files to the new host and assisting in 
its setup.

Just another perfect example of a disgruntled customer who refused to listen 
to quality advise and then blames you for her own failure.

RIP NY Beauty Secrets

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