[ic] * Interchange has long been distributing the dump page....

Jon Jensen jon at endpoint.com
Tue Mar 25 17:25:00 UTC 2014

On Tue, 25 Mar 2014, Mike Heins wrote:

> I agree that encouraging use of the SQLPASS is probably wrong. I will 
> make a patch to eliminate that and just use the MailOrderTo setting as a 
> password.

Using MailOrderTo is certainly better than SQLPASS (or nothing), and no 
worries about sending it via http. So +1.

> As for moving the dump page out of the catalog, I don't know. I don't 
> have strong feelings about it, but I would think that it should be used 
> by any catalog developer. Maybe it should be gated by MV_DEMO_MODE, i.e.
> 	[if var MV_DEMO_MODE]
> 	    [dump key="[cgi key]" sort="[cgi sort]"]
> 	[else]
> 	    [tag op=header]
> 		    Status: 404 not found
> 		    Content-Type: text/html
> 	    [/tag]
> 	    Sorry, page not found.
> 	[/else]
> 	[/if]

I don't mind that as a default. For me, [dump] is most useful in 
production, so I would not use that as it stands, but then I don't like to 
leave a dump.html page at the default location anyway, so I don't matter 
here. :)


Jon Jensen
End Point Corporation

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