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Josh Lavin josh at perusion.com
Thu May 1 17:39:07 UTC 2014

Quoting EA3KZ Salvador Caballé (scaballe at gmail.com):
> The data in form field is without &
> the following text:
> fi=products
> st=db
> sp=results
> co=1
> sf=category
> se=Hammer
> op=rm
> nu=0
> ml=25
> tf=price
> to=nr
> is saved in the TREE table as:
> fi=products[either]&[or]&[/either]st=db[either]&[or]&[/either]sp=results[either]&[or]&[/either]co=1[either]&[or]&[/either]sf=category[either]&[or]&[/either]se=Hammer[either]&[or]&[/either]op=rm[either]&[or]&[/either]nu=0[either]&[or]&[/either]ml=25[either]&[or]&[/either]tf=price[either]&[or]&[/either]to=nr

My apologies, is seems the menu editor is broken.

I have released a fix to Git, but you can patch by editing:


And replacing this line:

	[restrict enable="perl calc scratch loop image area" log=none]

with this one (add 'either'):

	[restrict enable="perl calc scratch loop image area either" log=none]

Thank you for the bug report.

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