[ic] Major changes in Interchange6::Schema 0.060

Stefan Hornburg (Racke) racke at linuxia.de
Tue Nov 4 20:39:28 UTC 2014

After a few months with lots of fixes and improvements in Interchange6::Schema we are close to
the 0.060 release.

The list of changes is below, please let us know if I missed something or you need more

Your database needs to be updated due to changes in table names and columns.
Please contact us for assistance here or on #interchange.

For testing and review we did a beta release today:


You can install it as follows:

cpanm https://cpan.metacpan.org/authors/id/H/HO/HORNBURG/Interchange6-Schema-0.060_01.tar.gz

List of changes:


   * Switch to DBIx::Class::Candy (Peter Mottram).

   * Pricing changes (Peter Mottram, Sam Batschelet, GH #117, #122):
     - GroupPricing class renamed to PriceModifier
     - start_date and end_date columns added

   * Fix primary key columns with multiple plurals (Jure Kodzoman, Peter Mottram):
     - navigation_attributes_values_id to navigation_attribute_values_id
     - product_attributes_values_id to product_attribute_values_id
     - user_attributes_values_id to user_attribute_values_id

   * Review related changes (Peter Mottram, Sam Batschelet):
     - add top_reviews and average_rating to Product class
     - reviews method now accepts search args

   * Add description to Role class (Peter Mottram).


   * Add many_to_many relationship from Navigation to Product class (Peter Mottram).
   * Add siblings_with_self method to Navigation class (Peter Mottram).
   * Add tier_pricing and selling_price methods to Product class (Peter Mottram).
   * New helper interchange6-create-schema-png (Peter Mottram).
   * Add search_attribute_values (Sam Batschelet, GH #101).


   * Fix order_by in attribute_iterator method of the Product class (Peter Mottram).
   * Make name column of Role class unique (Peter Mottram).


   * Add instructions on creating databases (Peter Mottram, GH #103).


   * Add quote_names to db engine connect_info (Peter Mottram).
   * Replace Mock::DateTime with MockTime (Peter Mottram).
   * Add role and pricing fixtures (Peter Mottram, Sam Batschelet).

Regards and thanks to all contributors


Modern Perl, Dancer and eCommerce consulting.

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