[ic] Looking for suggestions

DB db at m-and-d.com
Thu Oct 23 01:48:34 UTC 2014

> Quoting DB (db at m-and-d.com):
>> Hi - in my IC5 catalog, I regularly update my products table using data
>> from various suppliers. Sometimes the product data they supply is a bit
>> lacking... for example an item may be large and require extra shipping,
>> but the data they provide makes no mention of this. I've created a
>> separate table called sku_notes to keep track of these things. It
>> contains stuff like:
>> sku     added charge
>> sku1	25
>> I'd like to use this table to add $25 onto the price of sku1 as
>> displayed in search results, flypage, cart and checkout. Am I
>> re-inventing the wheel here... does such a function already exist? Other
>> thoughts?
> CommonAdjust can do it for you! I think you want to look at the '=='
> operator.
> Good docs:
> http://interchange.rtfm.info/icdocs/Price_maintenance_with_CommonAdjust.html
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> Josh Lavin
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Thanks Josh! That doc and some help from Mark and Jon on IRC got me
going. Changing my etc/after.cfg from

CommonAdjust   :sale_price, ;:price, ;$, ==:options


CommonAdjust   sku_notes:added_charge, :sale_price, ...

changes the price of the sku in question as expected and I can live with
that solution.

What I'd prefer however is a way to add the value of
sku_notes.added_charge to the price instead of just replacing the price.
If anyone has a thought on that I'd love to hear it!


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