[ic] Interchange Developer Needed ASAP for Website

Richard Webb richard at webbtechnologies.com
Mon Sep 8 03:52:10 UTC 2014


I am looking for an experienced IC developer who can help with the
following project:

The IC sample store is currently installed at:


The database is already configured using MySQL. The developer who got it to
this point left on a 1 month vacation and I'd like to finish up these tasks

Here is what I need:

1) Install a new design from PSD files, which I will provide
2) Fix the category tree. I have products that are added, but are not
showing up in the category list in the side bar. (They are visible when you
search for them though..)

Error when going to the Menu Loader:
table products: Query on table area failed: Can't call method "config" on
an undefined value at /usr/lib/interchange/lib/Vend/Table/DBI.pm line 1980.
Query was: select distinct sel from area

3) Fix the following Check Out errors:

*(address2): No format check routine for 'always_pass'(mv_same_billing): No
format check routine for 'always_pass'*

4) Install SSL certificate on the domain.

5) Setup Gateway (probably Auth.net)

6) Import Product Feed

7) Create Multiple Product Feed for Shopping Search Engines

If you are able & interested in this project, please email me about
yourself, your experience and an approximate idea of costs.


Richard Webb
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