[ic] Interchange Strap Store! Bootstrap 3.1.1 ! demo

Salvador Caballe scaballe at gmail.com
Tue Sep 23 18:56:03 UTC 2014

El 23/09/14 00:05, Greg Hanson ha escrit:
> On 9/22/2014 8:26 AM, S. Caballe wrote:
>> First thanks to perusion.com to share his work.
>> I'm start to playing whit the persusion bootstrap demo store.
>> I see the  in admin this new catalog  area has fewer options than the
>> old standard catalog, for example the menu editor.
>> Is possible to turn on  any of these features in the new catalog setup ??
> Hi Salvador,
> Many of the seldom used, or not entirely reliable "features" from the
> admin were "removed" to allow for a cleaner starting point for your
> average user with this bootstrap template.
> With that said, many of the actual pages and content remains, and can be
> "turned on" simply by adding it back into a menu, or in some cases
> retrieving it from the another location. For example, the menu editor is
> an admin page, and is contained in whatever Interchange version you are
> using at
> <your IC location>/lib/UI/pages/admin/menu_editor.html
> So in some cases it would just be a matter of adding it (the tab or
> link) back onto the menu in admin. We intend at some time to complete
> the effort to get the admin into a modern template like bootstrap as
> well, but were not far enough along to include that with this release.
> Menu editor is a bit of a different deal because we did include a new
> version of the menu tag called "bootmenu.tag" in order to take advantage
> of bootstraps built in menu capacity for displays. The intent was to
> still be able to possibly use, albeit in a more limited fashion,
> existing menus, but at the same time display them using mostly css.
> So, overall, the bootstrap templates were designed first to accommodate
> a quick start for a new modern, clean, simple catalog, and second to
> allow use of existing catalogs with some level of conversion effort.
> As long as you know that most of the old pages that were in Interchange
> admin previously are for the most part still around, with a little
> searching and some minimal admin menu mods, you can get them back. As to
> whether they will still function...... things like menu editor probably
> will, but things like content editor probably won't!
> Good Luck!

Thanks for the information,

anyway currently there are pages (Page edit, Template edit, Component 
edit etc..) in the admin area that no longer work in the current 
interchange version.

Salvador Caballé

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