[ic] query error in products search - more Info

Salvador Caballe scaballe at gmail.com
Wed Apr 29 19:34:59 UTC 2015

 > Hi all.
 > I use the following code in the promo component
 > to show only items in stock
 > [query arrayref=main
 > SELECT m.sku, m.timed_promotion, m.start_date, m.finish_date
 > FROM [either]__UI_MERCH_TABLE__[or]merchandising[/either] m, inventory i
 > WHERE m.featured = '[control promo_type specials]'
 > AND i.sku = m.sku
 > AND i.quantity >= 1
 >  "][/query]
 > runs OK, but now I try to use locale options in the products 
database, and I have the following error:
 > Died in server spawn: Bad column name (from m.sku): 'm.sku' at 
/home/interch/interchange/lib/Vend/SQL_Parser.pm line 838.

More info:

No errors with a  single table SQL query

if I disable the localized products table,

#Variable CURLOCALE es_ES
#include dbconf/locales/default.cfg

and restarts Interchange
the 2 tables  SQL query works OK and no errors

Seems a bug in SQL_Parser.pm


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