[ic] Quantity Price print out for retail customers

Gert van der Spoel gert at 3edge.com
Tue Jan 27 18:48:17 UTC 2015

>> Hi Kerry,
>> I think this comes from the depths of Interchange setup regarding 
>> normal customers and dealers related to pricing. I have not looked a 
>> lot but I found an old post:
>> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/interchange/users/10416?do=post_
>> view_t
>> hreaded
>> So a 'dealer' gets quantity discounts on price groups.
>> Not a dealer then quantity discounts come from qX fields
>> So if you want to offer quantity discounts for normal customers you 
>> will likely need to use a different approach.
>> CU,
>> Gert
> Thanks Gert,
> I do have the quantity breaks working for regular consumer. They simply
change price when put in the cart when the break quantity  is entered from
the flypage.
> If it is a dealer, and they order less than the quantity, "Quantity Price"
is printed in the cart as a link. This is what I am trying to duplicate for
regular customer, so they have a chance to increase order a little to get
the break in price.
> I will take a look at the link and see if it is one that I have already

So if I understand correctly you there is this piece of code:
[if scratch dealer]
	[if-item-data pricing sku]
		<BR>[page quantity [item-code]]

And the if scratch dealer decides if it is a dealer or not and the next if
decided if quantity has been reached? Have not looked at this for a long
time :) ... 

Have you tried to just remove both 'if' statements? In that case you'd
expect it always shows the quantity pricing link .. right? Or doesn't it?
Just to check if it shows the link then for non-dealers. If it does not in
that case then there are more rules somewhere deciding to show this.



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>> I would like to have the "Quantity Price" page print the quantities 
>> and price from the quantity.html page. It shows up in the shopping 
>> cart for dealers fine. I have located two pages with the quantity 
>> information in them, the quantity.html page, which is where the link 
>> in the shopping cart takes it, and in the shopping_cart page.
>> Both have the [if scratch dealer][/if] code in them.
>> I have found much information the quantity pricing in the email and 
>> docs, but nothing so far on having the Quantity link in the shopping 
>> cart display when a retail customer is logged in.
>> Tried replacing dealer with retail, but this does not seem to work.
>> It seems like I am missing the file the Quantity is called from.
>> Kerry
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