[ic] Specify flypage using javascript or another non-database method

dburlage dburlage at pantek.com
Mon Jul 6 12:06:00 UTC 2015

>> I'm slowly making progress with this. As I mentioned previously, if I
>> comment the line
>>         for($path, $mpath) {
>>                 s:(/|index/?)$:/index:;
>> #               s:(?!\.html)$:.html:;
>>         }
>> Then the redirect to pages/m/index.html works. However despite the
>> presence of pages/m/flypage.html, I'd still always get the default
>> pages/flypage.html on a product page.
>> The debug log suggested that that again an extra .html may be to blame.
>> So I added a line to is_mobile:
>>  ## send to 'm/flypage', if a sku in products
>>  $fp =~ s{\.[^.]+$}{}; # <-Added this to line to remove extension
>>  my $sku = dbref($Vend::Cfg->{ProductFiles
>> [0])->record_exists(substr($fp, 1));
>> And then the mobile flypage started to work. But instead of actually
>> using this hacked-up code, I thought I'd see if anyone here has any
>> words of wisdom, and any would be welcomed.
> I think the is_mobile tag was developed for a catalog with "Scratch
> mv_add_dot_html" set to "0", but I was under the impression it would
> work either way.
> Perhaps not. I would be interested what your catalog uses for this
> setting -- it may be that you have found a bug.
> -- 
> Josh Lavin
> End Point Corporation

Hi Josh - thanks for the reply. Spiffy new sig you've got there! My
catalog has
ScratchDefault  mv_add_dot_html   1


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