[ic] form profiles

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Fri Mar 6 18:49:15 UTC 2015

>> Braintree gives this error when attempting to process a credit card sometimes:
>> "Postal code can only contain letters, numbers, spaces, and hyphens."
>> I've only used required/mandatory with mv_form_profile so I'm not sure
>> how to set up this sort of a check to work with [error].  Can someone
>> point me in the right direction?  I seem to remember "zip" in
>> etc/profiles.order that I was planning to use as a starting point but
>> it isn't there any more.
> So if I understand correctly you want IC to have the same requirement
> before the data goes out to Braintree.
> There is zip, ca_postcode and postcode checks but that limits you to US
> and Canadian postal codes, see:
> http://www.icdevgroup.org/interchange-doc-5.2.0/frames/ictemplates_36.html
> You probably want  the regex check which is documented on the same page
> as follows:
> zip=regex ![^A-Za-z0-9 -] "Postal code can only contain letters,
> numbers, spaces, and hyphens."

Hi Peter, can that go in the mv_form_profile?  I tried it there but I get:

Sorry, there was an error in processing this form action. Please
report the error or try again later. (Unmatched [ in regex; marked by
<-- HERE in m/[ <-- HERE ^A-Za-z0-9/ at (eval 205) line 15. )

Also I use email_only in my mv_form_profile but it lets spaces in the
email address go through.  Where is email_only defined or is there a
better definition to use?

- Grant

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