[ic] Quoting Identifiers

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Thu Mar 12 20:30:03 UTC 2015

At present Interchange doesn't quote identifiers when making SQL
queries.  This just caused an issue for a client of mine who is moving
catalogs from an old version of mysql to a newer one and has a column
name of "condition" which is now a reserved word in mysql (it didn't
used to be).  There are also a number of other good reasons to quote
identifiers which I won't enumerate here.

I would just push a patch up for this, except that this does result in a
BC change.  When you quote an identifier it becomes case-sensitive, but
unquoted identifiers are not, or (as is the case in postgresql) are
converted to lowercase.  Therefore I think it's best to enable it with a
config directive which can be added to the default catalog.cfg so new
catalogs pick up the change, but old ones will need it to be explicitly
enabled if this is desired.



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