[ic] Redundant code in DBI.pm?

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Fri Mar 13 03:40:56 UTC 2015

On 03/13/2015 04:27 PM, Jon Jensen wrote:
> I read it that way too.
> However, to avoid getting caught by anything "tricky, tricky" I think
> you would want to put some heavy debugging in there before & after and
> test pretty extensively.

Well, I can only see it being of any use in some edge case that I can't
fathom, so I'm not sure I can test for an edge case when I don't even
know what that edge case is.

> It would also be good to hear from Mike whether he remembers any obscure
> reason for this.

Yeah, I am hoping to hear from Mike on this.  That code goes back to the
initial CVS import of that file so there is a good chance even Mike
can't remember why it's there.


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