[ic] OS suggestions for new server

Lyn St George lyn at zolotek.net
Tue Mar 24 13:17:44 UTC 2015

On Tuesday 24 March 2015 11:55:05 Peter wrote:
> On 03/24/2015 11:43 AM, Bob McClure Jr wrote:
> > On Mon, Mar 23, 2015 at 03:35:34PM -0700, Josh Lavin wrote:
> >> Get ready to learn systemd...
> No matter which distro you pick nowadays.
> > ... and firewalld.
> You can still use iptables in CentOS 7, it's trivial to disable
> firewalld.  Same goes for NetworkManager (which I also recommend you
> disable and just stick with the older network scripts).
> Peter

While source-based distros like Gentoo are not everyone's preference, it's 
worth noting that disabling systemd is just a matter of adding "-systemd" to 
the global USE flags. And the choice between iptables and firewalld is yours, 
not the system's. Both systemd and that accursed akonadi in KDE are yet more 
evidence of the *nix world being invaded by aliens, IMO ...


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