[ic] Need help with PaypalExpress.pm documentation

Bob McClure Jr bob at bobcatos.com
Fri Mar 27 19:36:07 UTC 2015

I've been through the Catalog Tutorial and set things up for testing.
I will be processing only with PayPal Express.

The documentation in PaypalExpress.pm is pretty grim.  First, the
"man" process renders the instructions pretty much unintelligible
because it is allowed to wrap and reformat lines, so I just read the
.pm file.

At line 82, it starts with "To have Paypal co-operate with your normal
payment service provider ...".  I'm using Paypal only, so I can skip
that part, but I'm unclear how far that part extends, so I don't know
where to continue for my configuration.

Any clues, please?

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