[ic] Finally fixing ESCAPE_CHARS::std

Josh Lavin josh at perusion.com
Thu May 21 19:50:52 UTC 2015

It seems that a bug was introduced back in 2007 by the addition of
"\X" as an 'escape char' for HTML::Entities. When it was added, the
string was single-quoted, which is appropriate for "\X", but the
string was later changed back to double-quoting, which fixes the "\n"
and "\t" it also contains, but also breaks the "\X" and causes the
following warning:

    unrecognized escape \X

I believe the following double-backslash for \X will fix this:

    -$ESCAPE_CHARS::std = qq{^\n\t\X !\#\$%\'-;=?-Z\\\]-~};
    +$ESCAPE_CHARS::std = qq{^\n\t\\X !\#\$%\'-;=?-Z\\\]-~};

It eliminates the warning, but I am not quite sure on the thought behind
using \X as an escape char, so before I push this patch, somebody please
check me on this.

Josh Lavin
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