[ic] Losing shipping on bad CC

Gert van der Spoel gert at 3edge.com
Tue May 26 07:04:27 UTC 2015

> Is there no one that can offer advice on a place to start looking to fix
this one?

>> Greetings,

>> I have a catalog running on IC 5.8.2 using the AuthorizeNet gateway 
>> that apparently has had a long-time problem that we just discovered:

>> When a user goes to check out and enters a bad credit card number, it 
>> is properly declined (with the correct error message).  However, the 
>> shipping amount displayed goes to 0.  If they then put in a correct 
>> card number, the order goes thru with 0 shipping.  If, however, after 
>> getting the error, you click on the RECALCULATE button under the cart 
>> contents, the shipping charges will then show properly.

>> This only seems to happen on a AuthorizeNet fail - if I put in a bogus 
>> CC number that fails the luhn check, it does work properly.

>> Where do I look for this one?

The luhn check I believe is done in Interchange already: lib/Vend/Order.pm
has some routines for this.
So that validation is done before calls are made to AuthorizeNet ... 

My assumption (without knowing your flow) is that the luhn check just brings
you back to your checkout page after the POST request and rendering the page
again ... But your AuthorizeNet failure maybe results in a redirect, which
is set to your checkout page. And this is losing some of your data. Are you
doing something 'special' for (re)calculating shipping rates? Maybe storing
it in a scratch/tmp parameter .. Which it picks up when it rerenders after a
'local' luhn check, but not after a 'redirect'  from AuthorizeNet?

> Bob

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