[ic] Losing shipping on bad CC

Bob Puff bob at nleaudio.com
Tue May 26 14:29:23 UTC 2015

Thanks for the reply, Gert!

> My assumption (without knowing your flow) is that the luhn check 
> just brings you back to your checkout page after the POST request 
> and rendering the page again ... But your AuthorizeNet failure maybe 
> results in a redirect, which is set to your checkout page. And this 
> is losing some of your data. Are you doing something 'special' for 
> (re)calculating shipping rates? Maybe storing it in a scratch/tmp 
> parameter .. Which it picks up when it rerenders after a 'local' 
> luhn check, but not after a 'redirect'  from AuthorizeNet?

The cart is based off an earlier version "demo" store, and the only thing
different from the stock code in the checkout stuff that I recall is the
shipping calculation inside the shipping.asc file.

I am using version 5.8.2, and I *think* I even set up a test catalog with the
most recent version's demo, plugged in the authorizenet stuff, and saw it
happen on that one as well.

Since it does come back properly after a recalculate, does that mean there is
a scratch variable that gets updated with a recalc?  Is there a way I can set
the code so that it does a recalc when it comes back with an error?


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