[ic] For review - new Strap template for Interchange 5

Frank Reitzenstein frank at aussievitamin.com
Mon Oct 19 17:40:41 UTC 2015

Mike Heins wrote:
> Quoting David Christensen (david at endpoint.com):
>>> On Oct 19, 2015, at 10:19 AM, David Christensen <david at endpoint.com> wrote:
>>>> On Oct 19, 2015, at 10:16 AM, David Christensen <david at endpoint.com> wrote:
>>>>> On Oct 19, 2015, at 9:19 AM, Jon Jensen <jon at endpoint.com> wrote:
>>>>> ! Couldn't find module or a distribution previous
>>>>> ! Installing the dependencies failed: Module 'previous' is not installed
>>>>> ! Bailing out the installation for Bundle-InterchangeKitchenSink-1.12.
>>>>> Can anyone else give this a try? I guess it's possible it's specific to my environment (plenv 2.1.1-31-g8f786e9 with Perl 5.22.0).
>>>>> Jon
>>>> I also am running into this issue; I have to assume this is a mistake in one of the dependency lists.
>>> I’m unclear of how the Bundle::* modules work, but in the `=head1 CONTENTS` section, there’s this fragment:
>>> […]
>>> Crypt::Random
>>> previous session without the requirement for a "cookie" or other persistent
>>> =head1 DESCRIPTION
>> Yup, after reading the CPAN docs, that’s exactly what it’s doing, so this looks like an isolated comment string that got put in the wrong place.
>> Mike, can you fix and reupload?
> Yup, done. Sorry for the trouble.
I couldn't wait for you to do that Mike. I'm just about in production.
It took at least three serious hacks and then returning to mysql from
pgsql after it couldn't deliver simple options reliably. I wrote my own
product_tree and had AU shipping working before what looks like a
recovery from a database nightmare.


Thankyou I like it.

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