[ic] Running Interchange 5 with Plack

Josh Lavin jlavin at endpoint.com
Thu Oct 29 23:08:04 UTC 2015

Quoting Sam Batschelet (sbatschelet at mac.com):
> Fellow innovators, 
> I wanted to share my research on running Interchange 5 with Plack.
> Recently a lot of my development has been with Dancer and the
> preferred stack is typically something like Nginx, Plack and Starman.
> After listening to a few people looking for alternatives to Apache and
> reluctancy to use Nginx with FastCGI with Interchange. I wondered
> would it be possible to run Interchange 5 in a NPS stack. I started
> researching existing modules and came across Plack::App::CGIBin
> written by Tatsuhiko Miyagawa.

Hey Sam, I just heard from a guy who works at a hosting company that
they are using Plack::App::WrapCGI, which is nearly identical to this.
It has worked well for them to migrate away from ye olde cgi scripts.

Josh Lavin
End Point Corporation

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