[ic] Running Interchange 5 with Plack

Sam Batschelet sbatschelet at mac.com
Fri Oct 30 11:32:09 UTC 2015

> On Oct 29, 2015, at 7:08 PM, Josh Lavin <jlavin at endpoint.com> wrote:
> Quoting Sam Batschelet (sbatschelet at mac.com):
>> Fellow innovators, 
>> I wanted to share my research on running Interchange 5 with Plack.
>> Recently a lot of my development has been with Dancer and the
>> preferred stack is typically something like Nginx, Plack and Starman.
>> After listening to a few people looking for alternatives to Apache and
>> reluctancy to use Nginx with FastCGI with Interchange. I wondered
>> would it be possible to run Interchange 5 in a NPS stack. I started
>> researching existing modules and came across Plack::App::CGIBin
>> written by Tatsuhiko Miyagawa.
> Hey Sam, I just heard from a guy who works at a hosting company that
> they are using Plack::App::WrapCGI, which is nearly identical to this.
> It has worked well for them to migrate away from ye olde cgi scripts.

Josh thanks for the followup on this.  Was he also connecting Plack to C compiled scripts?  At the conference Andrew Baerg was very interested in this approach for IC5.  He was going to do a bunch of testing and see if he ran into any issues. I think understanding better how this works with C and testing it throughly is the next step.  Perhaps we can even get some camps setup to test.  If anyone is interested in testing this on existing IC5 projects in there development environments, please report your results. This information would be very valuable.  If you need any help setting this up please reach out the ML or #interchange and I can share my experiences.



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