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Frank Reitzenstein frank at aussievitamin.com
Sat Sep 26 10:31:54 UTC 2015

Hello Josh,

I implemented the ncheck_category.tag as suggested. Then I restarted interchange and visited the broken link again and it still didn't work.

I then did this test:

In catalog.cfg

## Map a subroutine to happen if the page is not there
#SpecialSub  missing  ncheck_category

SpecialSub  missing  gadaffi

...restarted interchange and then searched both /var/lib/interchange and
/usr/lib/interchange recursively for the text "gadaffi" inside files.

It looks to me like this line in catalog.cfg is not being read at all by

## Map a subroutine to happen if the page is not there
SpecialSub  missing  ncheck_category

I guess I will downgrade Perl as you suggested.


Frank Reitzenstein

Frank Reitzenstein wrote:
> Hello Josh,
> Thankyou very much for your response.
> I am running Perl 5.20.2 on Ubuntu 15.04 Server. I also use startx with
> a full carefully crafted Desktop and I can 'pkill -f x-session-manager'
> when it is to run as a server in my office.
> I was using makecat and Postgresql ...for the first time after giving up
> on Mysql (Also INET for the first time). I also had errors in Safe.pm
> with your Interchange 5.8.2 tar.gz download, so I stole Safe.pm from the
> Ubuntu apt-get install interchange one.
> So far I can report that I can create many times as many catalogs in one
> sitting with Postgresql without mishap than on Mysql, so I guess the
> next step is an automated script.
> So you may wish to to note that the table you mentioned and others were
> NOT created by makecat as they should have been. I can send more details
> if necessary. I have become proficient in surviving. I am building text
> files which can be pasted into mysql and postgresql.
> sudo -u postgres psql
> ALTER USER postgres PASSWORD 'newpassword';
> CREATE DATABASE aussievitamin with OWNER aussievitamin
> DROP TABLE products;
> CREATE TABLE products (
> sku    varchar(64) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,
> description varchar(128),
> title varchar(128),
> comment text,
> thumb varchar(128),
> image varchar(64),
> price varchar(12),
> category varchar(64),
> nontaxable varchar(3),
> weight varchar(12) ,
> size varchar(96) ,
> color varchar(96) ,
> related text ,
> featured varchar(32) ,
> inactive varchar(3) default '' ,
> gift_cert varchar(3) default ''
> );
> Anyway looking forward to implementing ncheck_catagory.tag on your
> suggestions. Not sure if I want to downgrade perl but I may need to.
> I have become a dangerous hacker over the years but I have little
> understanding of your fancy development community.
> Regards,
> Frank Reitzenstein
> Josh Lavin wrote:
>> Quoting Josh Lavin (jlavin at endpoint.com):
>>> Quoting Frank Reitzenstein (frank at aussievitamin.com):
>>>> Also as you can see from the link above there is an error when you
>>>> visit that, which does not log.
>>> Yes, this is a known bug with some installs of both the Strap and
>>> Standard templates.
>>> It affects the use of $Tag in catalog.cfg, which is used by the
>>> 'ncheck' subroutine on the category pages.
>>> I have seen it affect Perl 5.14.1 and 5.22.0 -- but I have also seen a
>>> working 5.14.1.
>> I've made some changes to resolve this problem all the time. You can
>> find them here:
> https://github.com/jdigory/strap/commit/76fc3ffa280922606034c280d83d7f837790fa8f
>> Just alter catalog.cfg to remove that Sub part, and download the
>> ncheck_catagory.tag file and place in your Interchange server directory,
>> under: code/template_tag/strap/
>> Restart, and it should be fixed.
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