[ic] how to remove session id from url link

Mike Heins mikeh at endpoint.com
Tue Apr 26 12:35:30 UTC 2016

Quoting Steve Bronson (steve at airdelights.com):
> I have this code: <a href="[long-tail [sql-code]]">
> It creates this link: 
> http://www.airdelights.com/401310--OneShot-Automatic-Hand-Soap-Dispenser-Chrome?id=5E7J3eeZ&mv_pc=7604
> How do I create the long-tail link without showing the ?id=5E7J3eeZ&mv_pc=7604

Dear Steve,

Just got back from vacation. Modified the tag to allow:

	[long-tail sku=401310 no-session=1]

Do you want this to be the default? That sort of makes sense....we don't
really need the session stuff.

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