Josh Lavin jlavin at endpoint.com
Fri Aug 12 18:07:13 UTC 2016

Quoting Matthew Klassen (matt at yoursole.com):
> I did actually try to 'make install' with the failures, and everything looks
> fine, until you start and you get 'No sockets -- INTERCHANGE SERVER
> I've now tried setting up perlbrew with both 5.22.2 and 5.24.0, but I end up
> with the exact same failures on the Interchange install.

Good to know. So it must not be Perl related.

> I forgot to mention we are using Interchange 5.7.6

I think you should try the latest from Git like David suggested -- build
with the notes from the README-DEVELOPMENT file. If that doesn't make a
difference, it must be something peculiar to your architecture.


> I have disabled apparmor on this box.
> I'm going to try and set up Vagrant on a fresh install on a different system
> just in case my host OS or hardware is causing some random problem.
> Thanks for the help guys!
> Matt

Josh Lavin
End Point Corporation

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