[ic] Bug in the admin-UI

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Sun Dec 4 20:13:00 UTC 2016

On 04/12/16 22:10, René wrote:
> I found a bug in the Admin-UI that gave an 500 Internal Server Error
> when downloading tables from the Table Manager (admin/gentable). PJ
> suggested to add an Autoload to the catalog_afer.cfg, and this fixed the
> problem.
> I created a pull-request @github with a patch.
> https://github.com/interchange/interchange/pull/105

The AutoLoad is not necessarily what I would recommend for a permanent
fix.  The issue is that the ui_download ActionMap makes a call to
$Tag->if_mm, which attempts to open the access table.  Because it's
being run in a Safe container it can't do so unless the table is opened
ahead of time, which it isn't for the actionmap.

The AutoLoad is a bit of a sledgehammer approach because it pre-loads
the access table for every page, not just the ActionMap, but it does
confirm (and fix) the issue.

Other solutions would be to move the ActionMap to global code, or
rewrite it so that it pre-opens the table itself, possibly by using ITL
with a [perl access] tag instead of a sub.


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