[ic] Interchange 5.10 Strap

Josh Lavin jlavin at endpoint.com
Wed Feb 3 16:05:46 UTC 2016

Quoting kerry (kerry at basicq.com):
> Just ran into a problem using a leading number in the category field.
> Read the synopsis and see nothing preventing it from being a numberlike
> 9000 Series Rodding, but when I changed it to a text format, I do not
> get the error message.
> Sorry, the page (9000-Series-Rodding/9005-Series) was not found

Ah, interesting. That happens because the "ncheck" subroutine only
expects to see a capital A-Z character:

    return unless $name =~ m{^[A-Z]};


You will need to modify your ncheck_category.tag, which you should find
in your interchange server directory, under

I'd change that line to:

    return unless $name =~ m{^[A-Z0-9]};

Josh Lavin
End Point Corporation

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